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International Students and University Services


The Dean’s Office

The Dean’s Office of International Institute of Medical Education and Cooperation provides high-quality service and support that will help international students to navigate the challenges they encounter on their journey from the very first day at the University to the graduation ceremony.

The Office staff also assists international students with visa and registration processes.

Tutoring and guidance

International students benefit from studying in small group; they are allotted a group tutor from the teaching stuff of the Department of Russian Language. The tutor follows student academic progress, assists in case of any personal problems, arranges regular meetings throughout a year to tackle any problem students face.

The well-trained and friendly tutors offer advise, support and counseling on all aspects of student life. They assist international students to adapt to the new sociocultural environment and consult on the realities of everyday life in Russia.


The hostel for international students is located in the very center of the city in close proximity to the University’s main building.

In the university hostel it is forbidden

·        to smoke (cigarettes, hookah and other substances)

·        to use electric heating plates, microwave ovens, electric kettles, and electric radiators

·        to allow strangers to stay for the night

·        to keep domestic animals

·        to engage in any form of physical violence and degrading behavior against another residents

Students may also rent a private apartment outside the campus as an option.

Student health

Each international student, arriving in Russia, must acquire a voluntary medical insurance that is valid for their entire time in the country.

All international students who have arrived in the Russian Federation (RF) to study (except citizens of the Republic of Belarus) are required to undergo an annual medical examination.

Social life

A great number of social and cultural events are organized for international students to make their experience of studying at the University as broad and pleasant as possible. The purpose of the events is to increase the motivation of international students to adapt to the Russian culture and to boost their creative activity.


Sports and Fitness Centre