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Event announcements

We would like to inform you the Semmelweis International Students’ Conference will be held on the 8th February, 2024, online (platform: Zoom)

General requirements for the submission of abstracts

Abstracts in every topics of medicine are welcome.

All abstracts must be original work, containing applied methods and details of numerical results, up to 2400 characters (including spaces)

Abstract contains: Introduction, Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusions sections, clearly indicated

All abstracts may have two authors maximum

Doctoral students may not be (co)authors, except for people enrolled in MD-PhD programmes, who are still undergraduates.

Case reports will not be accepted.

 All abstracts will undergo a preliminary review of a scientific committee selected by the Secretary of Students’ Scientific Association. E-mail feedback will be given about the decision of the scientific committee. The title of all accepted abstracts will be uploaded to the website after the decision.

Abstracts will be grouped by topics. Please indicate the topic most suitable to your abstract at submission. Please note that this does not guarantee that your abstract will be grouped within this topic in the final program

The official language of the conference is English.

Participants from Semmelweis University are not allowed to submit an abstract on the same topic submitted to the annual students’ conference of the university.

 Presentation format

The time limit for a presentation is 10 minutes that is followed by a 5-minute-long discussion

 Students are required to be present during their whole section.

Do not resubmit your abstract for any reason other than a submission error

Once your abstract has been submitted no further changes are possible

Abstract acceptance notification will be sent to all presenting authors

It is the responsibility of the presenting author to ensure accuracy of content, spelling and presentation, as abstracts will be published exactly as submitted

Abstract submission deadline: 13. November - 1. December, 2023. 23:59 (CET)

Abstract formatting instructions

Only standard abbreviations may be used in the text and they must be defined in brackets, just after the full word or phrase the first time it is typed.

Non-proprietary (generic) names should be used the first time a drug is mentioned and the proprietary name should be underlined.

The abstract text should not exceed 2400 characters (including spaces).

Please do not use localized signs like ä, æ or ç!

Please do not paste tables

Do not include references, but the abstract has to contain the specification of methods and results.

Registration fee

Registration for the conference is free